Local Headlines 2-14-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Swallow probe rightly leads to payday lender limits

Preschool, tech, basic Utah education funding recommended

Utah Senate OKs bill on residency rules for candidates

House votes to tweak school grading

Stericycle critics rally at Utah guv’s office

Budget panel wants more troopers, better pay for guardian ad litems

Lawmaker who led Swallow probe targeting payday lenders

Bill would give incentives for cleaner yard equipment

Report: School technology price tag as much as $750 million

Lee, Cruz seek to protect states’ rights on gay marriage

Proposed bill may require bars to have breathalyzers

Deseret News

Op-ed: Help the real poor, not the panhandlers

Editorial: Taming federal spending

Appropriations committee sets priorities for education, recommends 2.5 percent increase in WPU

Families better served by quality education than tax breaks, school board member says

Utah House speaker unveils ambitious, high-priced education plan

Gov. Herbert will meet with Stericycle opponents

Lawmaker looks to ensure completion of divorce orientation course

Bill would exclude archery equipment from list of dangerous weapons

Utah lawmaker proposes to put breathalyzer machines in bars, clubs


Legislature looking to give money for carp removal at Utah Lake (Daily Herald)

Resolution would tell drone industry that Utah is open for business (Daily Herald)

Lockhart seeks buy-in for $300 million education plan (Daily Herald)

Merrill Cook: Parties, pols should cease attacks on initiative process (Standard-Examiner)

Bill to make voter registration lists private raises concerns about GRAMA (Standard-Examiner)

Bountiful lawmaker’s bill would put limits on panhandling (Standard-Examiner)

Lawmakers debate extending sales tax breaks for Nucor Steel (Standard-Examiner)

Bills send mixed signals on electric cars in Utah (Standard-Examiner)

Ogden lawmaker brought to tears introducing Native American resolution (Standard-Examiner)

Utah police chiefs criticize bill restricting forcible-entry warrants (Standard-Examiner)