Tilting at windmills – Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 393

Medical marijuana foes and proponents come together to craft compromise legislation to ensure medical cannabis will be legal in Utah.

The Mia Love/Ben McAdams contest gets tighter. McAdams is outspending Love on advertising, but a big GOP super PAC comes to Love’s aid.

Utah women really don’t like Donald Trump. That gender gap could be a deciding factor in at least one congressional contest this November.

Jenny Wilson and Mitt Romney face off in their one and only debate. The encounter probably won’t change too many minds ahead of November’s election. 

The Utah GOP takes their quixotic fight against SB54 to the Supreme Court.

Plus, Donald Trump has a bonkers press conference with Kanye West, and a White House reporter gets a private press conference with top Trump administration officials. 

Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick tiptoe through an eventful week in Utah politics.