Ghorbani raised more than Stewart over the last three months, but still trails significantly in the race for campaign cash

Democrat Shireen Ghorbani pulled in more campaign contributions than Republican Chris Stewart in the latest fundraising period between July and October, but Stewart has outraised her by a significant amount overall.

Quarterly financial disclosure filings with the Federal Election Commission show Ghorbani pulled in about $8,000 more dollars during the three month period than Incumbent Chris Stewart, but Stewart has raised more than three times as much money as Ghorbani during the 2018 midterm cycle.

Ghorbani raised $138,797 during the quarter, bringing her total fundraising haul for the 2018 campaign to $248,402.

Stewart raised $130,830 during the reporting period, but his total donations for the 2018 cycle are $826,280.

Stewart has $206,842 in the bank ahead of election day, while Ghorbani has $131,036 available.

More than half of Stewart’s entire fundraising total for the 2018 election has come from political action committees. Stewart has raised $472,287 from PACs this cycle. He raised $65,500 from PACs from July to October of this year.

Ghorbani has accepted $6,000 in PAC money this cycle. gives Stewart a 98% chance of winning on election day with a projected margin of 18-points over Ghorbani.

A recent survey put Stewart just 11-points ahead of Ghorbani in the 2nd District race, 45-34%. 16% of voters said they were undecided.