Personal space issues – Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 394

Utah lawmakers are planning to either change or repeal three ballot initiatives even if voters approve them in November, beginning with medical marijuana at a special session in November. 

The Mia Love/Ben McAdams race in the 4th District is a dead heat. Outside groups are starting to pour money into the contest as the campaigns fight over a small number of undecided voters ahead of election day.

Democrat Shireen Ghorbani raised more money than Republican Chris Stewart in the last quarter, but it’s probably not going to help her in November, even though Stewart looks to be running behind where a Republican in that district should be.

Republicans are starting to position themselves for the 2020 gubernatorial race.

Plus, President Trump goes bananas on Twitter…again.

Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott explain the news from a very busy week in Utah politics.