Ben Stein and university presidents featured at Global Forum Nov. 8

Utah’s five female university presidents, along with economist, attorney and writer Ben Stein, will be featured at the Utah Global Forum on Nov. 8, at Grand America Hotel, starting at 8 a.m.

Stein is the most famous economics teacher in history. This is because his iconic scene as the annoying economics teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” — “Anyone? Anyone” and “Bueller, Bueller” have become standard parts of the language of modern life. The scene was recently voted one of the 50 most famous scenes in American movie history.

But in real life, off screen, Stein is a compelling, humorous speaker about economics and politics and daily life in America.  And, he really is an award winning, best selling, economist and lawyer and teacher (but funny and lively in real life).

Stein, who studied economics at Columbia and Yale and law at Yale under some of the most famous economists and jurists in the nation, has written path-breaking analyses of how finance works, what motivates business decision making, what causes economic crises, and what resolves them.

He has been a columnist and analyst of economic and legal and cultural behavior for The Wall Street Journal, for The New York Times, Fortune, The Washington Post, Yahoo Finance and many other publications.

Presidents from five Utah universities and colleges will discuss how Utah can better connect higher education to the business world. They will note what their schools are doing to contribute to the international market. This panel will look into how language, study abroad and foreign exchange programs prepare students to enter an increasingly global market.Natalie Gochnour, associate dean of the University of Utah School of Business, will moderate the Presidents Panel featuring: 

  • Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez, President of Utah Valley University
  • Dr. Bethami Dobkin, President of Westminster College
  • Dr. Deneece G. Huftalin, President of Salt Lake Community College
  • Dr. Noelle E. Cockett, President of Utah State University
  • Dr. Ruth V. Watkins, President of University of Utah

The Utah Global Forum facilitates the dialogue on how businesses can expand beyond local boundaries and develop an import and export strategy to expand into the global marketplace. The program offers a breadth of content, bringing experts from across multiple industries, all with a single objective: move Utah businesses to the global business stage and meet the challenges of today’s business environment.

The Global Forum also specially focuses on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Utah. FDI represents an opportunity to become more actively involved in international business activities for businesses of all sizes. FDI takes many forms, such as a direct acquisition, construction of facilities, investment in a joint venture, or strategic alliance with a local firm with technology or licensing of intellectual property.

See the agenda and speaker here. Register here. Please use code UGF15 for $15 off registration.