National Headlines 2-17-14

Cooperation scarce in ‘year of action’ (The Hill)

Immigrant status, border security equally important, poll finds (The Hill)

Republicans open investigations into ObamaCare’s disaster sites (The Hill)

White House, Republicans Rekindle Feud Over 2009 Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)

Romney: Lewinsky Affair is Bill’s Failure, Not Hillary’s (Fiscal Times)

Clinton Foundation restricts access to papers from Bill Clinton’s tenure as Arkansas governor (New York Daily News)

Monica Lewinsky: Why GOP can’t stop talking about Clinton scandal (Christian Science Monitor)

Poll finds increasing support for making medical and recreational marijuana use legal in New York State (New York Daily News)

UAW drive falls short amid Tenn. culture clash (Associated Press)

Port Authority cop with ties to Gov. Christie and cronies being investigated in Bridgegate scandal (New York Daily News)

Radiation Detected At New Mexico Nuclear Plant (AFP)