National Headlines 10-23-18

Caravan could save GOP: ‘Manna from heaven’ for Trump (Washington Examiner)

Supreme Court blocks deposition of Commerce chief Ross over census question (CNN)

Democrats back Medicare for all in about half of House races they’re contesting (USA Today)

Dems divided over Pelosi’s ‘transitional’ Speaker pitch (The Hill)

D.C. attorney general launches investigation into Catholic Church (CNN)

Two Polls Give Republican Challenger the Lead against Joe Donnelly in Indiana Senate Race (National Review)

Countdown to Space Force continues as Trump administration details trajectory of plan (USA Today)

Asian-Americans should be angry about allegations against Harvard (CNN)

Decoding the Slippery Language around Transgender Rights (National Review)

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams helped torch state flag during college protest (FOX News)

Trump: Fed chairman ‘almost looks like he’s happy raising interest rates’ (The Hill)