The cost of the Love/McAdams race approaches $10 million

The race between Republican Mia Love and Democrat Ben McAdams is already the most expensive in the short history of Utah’s 4th Congressional District, and will likely top the $10 million total before all is said and done.

According to pre-primary financial reports, spending by Love, McAdams, and outside groups has totaled more than $9.9 million through October 17. Love and McAdams have spent a combined $7.637 million on the race, while outside groups have reported spending another $2.33 million.




Mia Love (R)



Ben McAdams (D)



Outside spending supporting Love



Outside spending opposing Love



Outside spending Supporting McAdams



Outside spending opposing McAdams







The $5 million spent by Love so far this cycle is the third most she’s put into a congressional race. She spent more in 2016 and 2014 respectively. McAdams has spent more than any Democrat running for this seat, including Jim Matheson in 2012. The outside spending in the 2012 race was far more than this year, with independent expenditures totaling more than $4.7 million.





Mia Love








Outside spending supporting Love




Outside spending opposing Love




Outside spending supporting Democrat




Outside spending opposing Democrat









The UT04 race has been trending in McAdams’ direction since early October. Several forecasters have rated the race as a toss-up, and just the most current projections from say both McAdams and Love have an almost equal chance of winning on November 6.

The financial figures in the four other federal races up for decision next week overwhelmingly favor the Republicans.

  • Republican Mitt Romney has raised and spent 5.6 times as much money as Democrat Jenny Wilson so far this cycle.
  • Rob Bishop is massively out-raising and out-spending his Democratic and United Utah Party challengers in UT01.
  • Chris Stewart has a colossal fundraising advantage over Shireen Ghorbani, even though she’s raised more than him in the final stages of the campaign. Libertarian Jeffery Whipple has not filed any financial reports.
  • John Curtis is running away in the fundraising race over James Singer, but much of his total is from the 2017 special election to replace Jason Chaffetz. Challengers Greg Duerden and Melanie McCoard have not filed any financial reports.