National Democrats launch Spanish-language ad in 4th Congressional District

Democrats are launching a Spanish-language ad in Utah’s 4th Congressional District to boost Ben McAdams. Meanwhile, a Tea Party-aligned group is coming to the aid of Republican Mia Love.

The campaign arm of House Democrats is launching the Spanish-language commercial in five states, including Utah. The DCCC is spending more than half a million dollars total to run the ads on Univision, Telemundo and other stations in eight media markets, including Salt Lake City. According to the 2014 American Community Survey, Hispanics make up 16% of the population in the 4th District.

NBC News says the ad (which you can see below) hits on cultural themes found in Latino homes:

It opens with the older woman sitting on a bed in her room watching television news.


“My mom has worked very hard to give me a better future,” the younger woman, Evelyn, says as the ad cuts to a scene of the two women at a dinner table and then to the two women and a young boy doing chores in the kitchen.


“I work in a hospital. I have my bachelor’s degree and although I want to move forward I can’t right now,” Evelyn says.


The ad cuts to the Julieta and Evelyn again at the table flipping through a voter’s guide as Julieta says: “We need a Congress that fights for us and that’s why we are going to vote for a change.” The ad ends with Evelyn saying they are voting together on Nov. 6.


Ag the same time, Freedom Works, the group that helped propel the Tea Party into prominence, has reported spending $2,500 on voter text messaging in support of Love.

The largest outside spending in this race so far has come from the Congressional Leadership Fund, the super Pac closely aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan. They’ve dropped $993,880 on advertising to oppose McAdams.

The Democratic Patriot Majority USA super PAC dropped another $211,925 on the race opposing Love, bringing their total spend on ads attacking the incumbent to $676,408.

A new KUTV survey released Monday showed McAdams with a 6-point lead over McAdams. That could spur even more outside spending on the race as Republicans race to hang on to the seat and Democrats try to pick up a traditionally GOP-controlled seat. On Tuesday, the National Right to Life Victory Fund, an anti-abortion group, reported a $982 buy supporting Mia Love.