National Headlines 11-4-18

A Kavanaugh Accuser Recants (Wall Street Journal)

FBI seeks info on woman identified as Democratic volunteer after Georgia voter system attacked (Washington Examiner)

In small town Kentucky, Trump supporters dig their heels in (Al Jazeera)

US troops lay down barbed wire along border ahead of caravan (New York Post)

Leading into Election Day, severe weather outbreak could bring possible tornadoes (ABC News)

Trump on false Kavanaugh accusation: ‘How about the other ones?’ (The Hill)

More than 4.5 million people vote early in Texas (The Hill)

A Test of Trump: Midterms Could Result in a Mixed Verdict (Wall Street Journal)

Big Brother Isn’t Watching You (Wall Street Journal)

Why this Idaho chipmaker is suddenly at the center of the US-China trade war (CNN)

Tech Billionaires’ Obligation to the Cities Around Them (Atlantic)