Hughes anticipates special session on medical marijuana December 3

Utah lawmakers anticipate a special session on the compromise medical marijuana legislation to take place on December 3.

House Speaker Greg Hughes tells that, although the ultimate decision for when to hold the special session is up to Gov. Herbert he anticipates the governor will call lawmakers to the capitol to consider the consensus legislation that first Monday in December.

“Prop 2’s passage becomes official on Saturday, Dec. 1,” said Hughes, “And we would look to pass the consensus agreement on Monday.”

Legislative sources tell state officials fear people will start implementing some of the provisions contained in Prop. 2 if they wait too long to pass the alternative legislation that was unveiled in October. The compromise legislation will supersede Prop. 2 if approved by lawmakers next month.

The proposed legislation provides a limited number of licenses for medical cannabis growers and establishes strict requirements for security, safety and inventory controls. Distribution of medical cannabis comes through state-licensed pharmacies or a state central fill pharmacy and local health departments.

Applications for medical cannabis prescription cards will begin in March of 2020.

The LDS Church opposed Prop. 2, but came to the negotiating table with patient advocates to craft the consensus bill. Hughes told in a podcast that the process nearly fell apart several times before a consensus was reached.