‘Political Insiders’ expect Ben McAdams to hold on and beat Mia Love

Democrat Ben McAdams has a 4,900 vote lead over Republican incumbent Mia Love in Utah’s 4th Congressional District race with thousands of votes still left to count. Our “Political Insiders” expect McAdams to hang on to his lead and win the hotly contested race.

60% of the Republicans on our panel say McAdams should win, as does 89% of the Democrats and 79% of our readers.

There are still roughly 55,000 ballots left to count in Salt Lake County ad 72,000 ballots in Utah County. It’s unclear how many of those ballots are in the 4th District.

Voting in Utah County was plagued by problems, as residents stood in line for hours to cast a ballot on election day. Gov. Gary Herbert slammed the county as the “epicenter of dysfunction” on election night. Utah County is a Republican stronghold.

President Trump slammed Love during his post-election contest on Tuesday for not embracing his agenda fully. But, as UtahPolicy.com first reported, Trump recorded a robocall for Love, but it was only released to a few thousand voters according to Love’s campaign.

McAdams leads Love by 2.32%.

The next release of vote totals will be on Tuesday.


Selected anonymous comments:

The window seems narrow for a Love comeback. While I’m hoping that it happens, it seems unlikely. I wonder how many Mia voters didn’t stay in line on election night? It would be sad/ironic if the Utah County Clerk’s sloppiness cost her the race as he did in 2012. 

It will be close, a squeaker. Just like back in the Jim Matheson days.

The margins in Salt Lake County make it impossible for Love to close his lead.

There aren’t enough votes in Utah County.

After hearing what President Trump said about Mia Love I almost wanted to go back and change my vote for Mia just so she could go to DC and beat the living hell out of DJT.

Quite a few Republicans didn’t feel a compelling reason to stay loyal.

Utah County monkeyed things up past the point of return. Mia will go onto a job at Fox News and McAdams will lose in 2020 to a new challenger.

This is an absolute coin toss. However, Utah county likely handed McAdams a win by several hour-long waits on election night. Love supporters were possibly turned away in greater numbers as Utah county is her base. Likely to be the closest congressional election in Utah history.

The Donald was right…no love for Love.

What is the problem with Utah County? Every election, they seem to foul things up. I suppose they could ask the Salt Lake County Clerk how to do it better – but, wait! She’s a Democrat, so they couldn’t possibly learn anything from her.

The blue-wave/anti-Trump movement will take Mia down, as it has many other Republicans in Salt Lake County.

I think it will be super close, but with all the problems voting in Utah County, Ben will squeak by.

So, Mia had a robocall from trump that she only released to a few trump supporters? Hah hah, talk about trying to have it both ways…either take his support or don’t, but you can’t do both and expect to win!

Utah County is the worst. I wonder if long lines led some Love supporters to leave before voting? Either way, happy for Ben. He’ll do a great job.

I am a Republican in CD 1. I want to see Ben win. We need a balance in our representation from Utah. Ben is not a far-left nut job. He should complement the other members of our delegation if they will treat him more like a colleague, rather than a Democrat.

Mia’s out of state money and contributions cannot vote for her and this is the election where Mia doesn’t have enough voter support in her district.