‘Unleashed’ Love bashes Trump, Republicans, and the media following her narrow loss

Saying her close loss to Democrat Ben McAdams has “unleashed” her to speak her mind, outgoing Rep. Mia Love directed her post-election ire toward McAdams, President Trump, the Republican Party and the media.

Love, clearly still stinging from a razor-thin loss to McAdams, referred to her opponent as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“The question remains at what cost to the people of Utah,” said Love.

During a scattershot press conference on Monday, Love rained criticism down on President Trump and the Republican Party for pushing minorities out of the party, which she said played a major factor in the GOP losing control of the House.

“I am always asked how can I be a black member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Republican, and woman in the state of Utah,” said Love. “This election shines a spotlight on the problems Washington politicians have with minorities and black Americans. It’s transactional. They’re not willing to take us into their homes and hearts,”

President Trump took a shot at Love following the election, even before her loss was official, saying she “gave me no love, and she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.”

Love said she was surprised by Trump’s comments.

“When President Trump took a jab at me because he thought the race was over, and he lamented that I wouldn’t ask him to come to Utah. Why would he say such a thing? It gave me a clear vision of his world. No real relationships, just convenient transactions.” she said.

Love also turned her attention to the media, accusing them of writing “uneducated, unfair, irresponsible stories” about her campaign. While offering no specifics, she was clearly referring to the campaign finance flap that took center stage during the race. Love’s team raised more than $1 million for a primary election that did not take place. The campaign argued they did nothing wrong, while at the same time agreeing to refund or redesignate a portion of those funds. The controversy continued to dog Love throughout the race, fueling attacks from McAdams and outside Democratic groups raising questions about her ethics.

Love also bemoaned the negative tone of the campaign against her while conveniently omitting her own role in attack ads against McAdams.

“This election was horrible and it has cost us greatly. Coordinated efforts presented a false case against me. Sadly, those character assassination tactics so stained our state that now citizens should expect that this is how elections will be won,” she said. “I would have preferred that this would have been an election that was focused on issues and policies.”

Love said her loss frees her to speak her mind during the current lame-duck session of Congress and beyond.

“As a Representative, you want to make sure you are incredibly careful in some of your thoughts and responses. Come January, I can actually say the things that I belive will make some good positive changes in our country and I don’t have to worry about who is going to be okay with that.”

Love was noncommittal about whether she plans a rematch against McAdams in 2020.


Listen to Mia Love’s full press conference below: