Podcast: One-on-one with Ben McAdams

Newly elected 4th District Congressman Ben McAdams is standing by his pledge not to vote for Nancy Pelosi to become the next Speaker of the House.

In a podcast interview with UtahPolicy.com, McAdams says he had a one-on-one meeting with Pelosi when he was in Washington for new member orientation. During that face-to-face, McAdams told her she would not be getting his support in the election for House leadership.

“She asked me if I had anything I wanted to bring up. I said I wanted to let her know I made a decision not to support her for Speaker,” said McAdams. “I told her I would work with her like I would work with anybody, but this is a commitment I made to my district and it’s time for a new leadership in Washington.”

McAdams described the meeting with Pelosi as “respectful.”

Supporters of Pelosi have been phoning several of the Democrats who have expressed doubts about electing Pelosi as speaker, trying to get them to change their minds. McAdams says he’s been lobbied by some of Pelosi’s supporters, but that’s not likely to change his mind.

“I’ve gotten a few calls from people who have said they think she’s a good leader, but I’ve just made it very clear what my position is and left it at that.”

McAdams also spoke about how he’s preparing to transition from county mayor to Congress, what he’s hoping to accomplish in Washington and why he hopes the new Democratic majority can find a balance between oversight of the Trump administration and getting important things done.

McAdams speaks with Managing Editor Bryan Schott.

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