National Headlines 2-23-14

Matthews: GOP could pick up 10 Senate seats (The Hill)

Voters could be asked whether to split California into six states (Associated Press)

EPA case to be argued in front of U.S. Supreme Court (Metro News)

Rice acknowledges some of her Benghazi info was incorrect but has no regrets (Fox News)

Governors say legalizing marijuana is a step too far (Reuters)

George W. Bush launches program to help veterans transition from war (Reuters)

No Nugent is Good Nugent (Austin Chronicle)

President Obama pushes hike in minimum wage (Associated Press)

Appealing Volkswagen vote won’t be easy for UAW (USA Today)

In no one’s interest for Ukraine to split apart: U.S.’s Rice (Reuters)

Water, ethics bills play big roles in 2014 session (Associated Press)