National Headlines 12-9-18

Dershowitz: Mueller Has Come Up With Far Less Than He Hoped For (RealClearPolitics)

Comey: Anti-Trump FBI agent ‘helped draft’ letter ‘that Hillary Clinton blames for her defeat’ (Washington Examiner)

‘Amazon will go bankrupt’: Jeff Bezos keeps talking about Amazon’s inevitable death (Business Insider)

Far right breakthrough in Andalucía send shockwave through Spanish politics (Guardian)

More than a thousand arrested in Paris ‘Yellow Vest’ protests (France24)

Macron’s Defeat in Paris Sounds Alarm for Europe (Bloomberg)

Rahm Emanuel to Democrats: ‘Don’t focus immediately on Trump’ (CNN)

Cory Booker will decide whether to run for president ‘over the holidays’ (ABC News)

Meet Mark Milley, Trump’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Chairman (NPR)

Ayers not taking job as White House chief of staff (CNN)

Amazon touted as big win for NY, but math is more complex (Associated Press)