Uh oh! Trump mocked Mia Love for losing. Now he needs her vote to pass a spending bill

President Trump mocked Mia Love and other Republicans for losing because they didn’t embrace him enough on the campaign trail. Now he may need their votes to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown before the end of the year. 

Trump mocked Love the day after the midterm election when she was trailing Democrat Ben McAdams when he said “Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that.”

Love eventually ended up losing to McAdams by just 694 votes.

The Hill reports that the GOP is struggling to come up with enough votes to pass a spending bill after incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goaded Trump into insisting he had enough support from House Republicans to pass a bill that included his demand for $5 million in funding for the border wall.

Now, Scalise, Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) are under enormous pressure to prove their ally in the White House was correct and that Pelosi, the likely incoming Speaker, was wrong.

But it was still unclear late in the day whether Republicans would have enough votes to pass such a package on a party-line vote. Democrats have agreed to back $1.6 billion for border security but have rejected Trump’s $5 billion demand. 

As New York Magazine points out, Love and the other Republicans who Trump lambasted after the election don’t have much of an incentive to help Trump.

In a close vote, Trump needs every Republican he can get to support the unpopular border wall demand. So it’s now looking like he wasn’t being terribly shrewd on the day after the midterms when he mocked five not-so-lame-duck House members as stone losers for failing to snuggle up to him on the campaign trail. 


Surely these five members, who probably blame Trump for their losses to begin with, will raise heaven and earth to be there for him when the House votes on whether to back up his ill-designed threats.

The Hill also reported that House Republicans have been doing “bed checks” to see which members are in Washington right now. The House is only scheduled to work four days before the December 21 funding deadline. 17 Republicans missed Wednesday’s vote on the Farm Bill.