Chaffetz calls Romney’s criticism of Trump ‘selfish’ (with video)

Former Utah Rep. and current Fox News personality Jason Chaffetz weighed in on the furor surrounding Mitt Romney’s op-ed denouncing President Trump’s lack of character, calling Romney’s comments “selfish.”

Chaffetz was guest hosting for Fox’s Laura Ingraham Wednesday evening when he discussed Romney’s attack on Trump.

“I represented the people of the great state of Utah for eight and a half years. I want both Romney and President Trump to succeed,” said Chaffetz. “Romney readily accepted Trump’s endorsement when he was running for Senate, even after calling Trump a phony and a fraud in 2016. Nothing changed and Trump is the same person, which is part of what I like about President Trump.”

Chaffetz said Romney “rode the Trump train all the way to Washington,” then showed little gratitude by biting the hand that fed him.

“To the good people of Utah, some of whom will cheer these Romney comments, his job is to represent the state of Utah, not himself. This is not a good look for an incoming senator. In fact, this is selfish. It does not help Utah.”