McAdams says Democrats are wrong to talk about impeaching President Trump

New Rep. Ben McAdams said Friday morning he disagrees with talk from some of his fellow Democrats about impeaching President Donald Trump.

McAdams was asked on CNN about the video of Michigan freshman Rashida Tlaib telling a crowd the new Democratic majority in the House would “impeach the motherf*cker.” McAdams said it’s more important for Democrats to look for ways to work with Republicans to find solutions to big problems.

“That’s not the style of leadership I’ve given Utah over the past several years,” said McAdams. “Can’t we find common ground? There will be important issues where there is passionate disagreement on both sides of the aisle. But let’s look for those areas where we can agree and tackle some of the tough issues we are facing as a country.”

McAdams also said he hopes Congress can find a compromise to end the partial government shutdown. President Trump and Democrats are at odds over funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall. McAdams said he thinks Democrats will be willing to make a deal if everyone can agree to call it a “barrier” and not a “wall.”

“That’s a step in the right direction. We have a broken immigration system. That is really the root of the problem. If we can put on the table reforming our system, I think there is room for common ground,” said McAdams.