Utah Speaker Brad Wilson announces House staff

Incoming Utah Speaker of the House, Brad Wilson, announces 2019 House staff structure and issued the following statement:

“I appreciate the hard work, dedication and sense of service members of our staff commit to helping us be successful. Each of these individuals is well qualified and their work will greatly benefit the House and the citizens of Utah for many years to come.” 

Utah House staff as of January 7, 2019:

All House:

Greg Hartley, Chief of Staff

Megan Allen, Chief Clerk

Phalin Flowers, House Administrative Assistant

Cameron Blair, House Chief Technology Officer

Andrea Hansen, IT Assistant

Majority Staff:

Matthew Lusty, Deputy Chief of Staff

Jon Ammons, Director of Majority Policy & Strategic Messaging

Ian Robertson, Director of Majority Constituent Affairs & Majority Services

Edward Mueller, Majority Constituent Services Specialist

Harry Hansen, Majority Communications Specialist

Lancaster Brown, Special Assistant to the Speaker

Minority Staff:

Nick Frederick, Minority Staff Director

Ross Chambless, Minority Communications Specialist

Aneesa Turbovsky, Minority Constituent Services Specialist