Will Trump get funding for his border wall? Our ‘Political Insiders’ give their thoughts on how the government shutdown will end

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The partial government shutdown is now the longest in history as President Donald Trump and Democrats in Congress continue their standoff over funding for Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border.

Our “Political Insiders” and readers are split on how they think the impasse will end.

  • Half of the Republicans we asked said Congress would compromise with Trump and approve money for the border wall.
  • 94% of the Democrats who responded to our question believe the government will eventually re-open without any finding for the wall.
  • 63% of our readers believe the shutdown will end without Trump securing any money for the wall.



The government has been partially shut down since December 22 due to the impasse over border wall funding. President Trump is demanding $5.7 billion for construction of the wall, while the Democratic-controlled House is refusing to appropriate the money. Trump has said he will not sign any spending bills that don’t include the wall funding. Trump repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall during his 2016 presidential campaign.

A new CNN poll found most Americans blame President Trump for the shutdown, with 55% saying Trump is responsible for the closure, while 32% say Democrats in Congress are to blame.

The same poll found a majority of Americans don’t support building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, with 56% opposed and 39% in favor.

Selected anonymous comments:

Trump will not negotiate away the $5.7B wall. He showed that by walking away from the table.

The Democrats are in a position of strength on this issue, and they know it. They are committed to not rewarding Trump’s bad behavior.

Some Republican senators will discover their true constitutional powers by reading “Checks and Balances for Dummies.”

Trump is insane. Republicans are enablers of a nascent dictatorship.

The president has staked such a hardcore position that he cannot end this without some funding for a wall. Congressional opponents have at least show a willingness to give some money for border security. These things usually end with both sides finding a way to get a win. This is not a usual time.

Holding up government perpetually for a dumb idea that no one likes or can give sufficient reason to fund is a loser. He should have caved when we could have saved face.

Our Republican legislators are disingenuous. They know the wall is a false need and were willing to fund government before Fox News called out the President on his wall. Stop harming Americans in the name of kissing up to this president.

It is sad, and ridiculous that the liberals cannot see the border situation as an emergency and a viable need.

Because it’s not just Trump, a lot of Republicans support it as well. Trump is just the lead negotiator for the Republican side.

When Senate Republicans have had enough, they will force McConnell to send a bill to Trump. Maybe even veto-proof.

Reason numero-uno as to why people don’t take Trump seriously.

This national crises narrative just doesn’t hold up to the smell test. Plus, as Americans, the image of a hundreds-of-miles wall just invokes images of East Berlin. Secure the border by all means but not this way Mr. President.

An eventual bargain of wall money for DACA is inevitable.

Trump won’t back down.

If this impasse is not resolved, Pres. Trump will use an emergency declaration to try to get his way. I guess you could say that both sides will get what they want, Dems. government open, and the Pres. getting his wall. However; I don’t think that either side can leave well enough alone to go play in their own sand-piles without egging each other on further. The problem is not even about ever getting to like each other. There is absolutely no respect at all. They way they show contempt for each other is a black eye for all of us…Shameful!

When the pain gets to be too much for constituents of Republican senators and reps and the criticism so harsh, they will go against Trump and override a veto. It will come down to self-preservation, not compassion or a sense of morality, just self-preservation.

There are already hundreds of miles of walls on the southern border. More walls will not stop drugs from entering the USA via ports of entry. More walls will not address the asylum crisis or the lack of immigration judges. Trump’s base won’t face facts as they prop up his divisive rhetoric.

Keep the govt shut down UNTIL Congress provides funding for a legitimate border security program.

We don’t need a wall. Trump is grandstanding and clamoring for sound bites! His ship is going down!

The Democrats will eventually capitulate.

Republicans will cave soon. This is an extremely unpopular position. It’s only getting more unpopular and they’re taking the brunt of it. McConnell can only stall so much longer until his caucus starts destroying his agenda to save themselves. I give it until Tuesday at the latest when more sob stories about workers not getting paid finally force Mcconnell’s hand.

Trump has used his wall as a sound bite for so long the American people won’t believe it’s a “national crisis.” He’ll agree to open the government with a promise from McConnell that Congress will consider border security.

Trump will declare a phony national emergency that will get held up by very legitimate legal challenges until he’s out of office. There won’t be a wall.

Chuck & Nancy, quit the silliness. Cough up $5B.

Trump will declare a national emergency and siphon off unused funds from other areas to pay for the wall. And he will insist that he won this battle because he will get his monument. It isn’t his face on Mt. Rushmore, but he will take it as his legacy.

Trump was told with the last budget extension, they would approve wall funds which as we can now see was a big lie. It isn’t about the wall it is about hating Trump enough not to give in. Not a good way to run the government.

An absolutely stupid amateur hour is taking place in Washington. You don’t close the government. Period. Especially for an over-priced, totally useless wall across hundreds of miles of desert and mountains.

The GOP has controlled the Federal government for the past two years and consistently denied funds to Trump.

Trump has backed himself into a corner.