Chaffetz: Where were the Democrats when I wanted to investigate Clinton?

20190114 Chaffetz Fox 01


Former House Oversight Committee chairman and current Fox News commentator Jason Chaffetz said Democrats who plan to investigate the Trump administration are being hypocritical because they were MIA during his attempts to investigate Benghazi and the IRS.

Chaffetz, who may be a candidate for Utah Governor in 2020, was asked about the new Democratic majority on the oversight committee sending more than 50 letters to various government officials and the Trump White House seeking documents. 

“Some of those are legitimate. Some of these others are just fishing expeditions,” said Chaffetz. “The Democrats have this new found belief of openness, transparency and accountability. Where were they for the eight years I was involved in the committee? They weren’t out there supporting me when I was trying to issue subpoenas and get information about the IRS scandal and Benghazi or you name it because it is Donald Trump.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News: