Local Headlines 2-27-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Utah pollution is a moral issue, too

Lawmakers OK anti-suicide bill that would give gun-safe rebate

Utah panel advances Big Brother vs. First Amendment bill

Bill passes to allow hunting before taking hunter-ed classes

Schools could cut class time

Bill to allow liquor samples at Utah distilleries stalls

Bill would protect Utah agriculture from environmental regulators

Money questions remain with $200M school tech upgrade

Lawmakers advance raft of bills to further state control over lands

Big tax hike for public transit could be on its way

Bill would amend Constitution to let parties pick nominees

Panel kills bill to criminalize destruction of geo features

Audit finds poor oversight of Utah schools’ online education

Bill: Porn exposure to kids could affect custody fights

Bill would amend Constitution to let parties pick nominees

Deseret News

Op-ed: Rethink education funding, stop Lockhart

Dan Liljenquist: Negative impact: the Affordable Care Act, pensions and hourly workers

Editorial: Banishing free exercise of religion from the public square

Utah State Democratic Hispanic Caucus announces Utah Diversity Day at the Capitol

House panel questions bill on alcohol distilleries

School technology bill clears first hurdle

House passes bill allowing swap of classroom days for teacher training

Senate bill aims to toughen Utah texting-while-driving law

Panel approves option for local transportation tax

Lawmakers pass on goblin toppling bill

Utah leaders question proposed military cuts

Committee likes bill making child exposure to pornography a custody factor

Senate, House may be squaring off over Medicaid expansion


Bill would help state get land from federal government (Daily Herald)

Lockhart bill for student e-tablets clears first hurdle (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Cannabis bill is compassionate (Standard-Examiner)