Rep. Chris Stewart calls for Iowa Republican Steve King to resign

20190114 Stewart CNN


Rep. Chris Stewart joined the growing chorus of Republicans in Congress calling on Iowa Rep. Steve King to resign after making racist remarks in an interview last week. 

Stewart was a guest on Chris Cuomo’s CNN program where he said King should step down after embracing white supremacy in an interview with the New York Times last week. Stewart says King has lost the confidence of his colleagues in Congress and cannot be an effective lawmaker.

“I think we should hold him accountable for his words. It’s not the first time he’s said things like this and for the good of the party and the good of the country I wish he would no longer serve in Congress,” said Stewart.


King was removed from his committee assignments by House Republicans on Monday night.

In the same interview, Stewart continued to defend President Donald Trump following allegations the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into his actions following the firing of FBI Director James Comey as agents were worried Trump was working on behalf of Russia. Trump has also reportedly gone to great lengths to conceal the contents of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin from others in his administration.

“We don’t see evidence where someone could credibly claim this president was working with the Russians,” said Stewart. “What has this president done that makes you think he’s trying to benefit Russia?”