Jeff Burningham creates gubernatorial campaign committee

Jeff Burningham, a prominent Provo business leader, will begin exploring a run for Governor of Utah in 2020 and has created a campaign committee for that purpose.  

“As my name has gotten into the press over the last couple of weeks, we have received many requests for further information, including how to join the campaign team,” Burningham said. Since there is no mechanism for creating an exploratory committee in Utah, Burningham has registered a campaign committee and launched a website where supporters can learn more, donate to the cause, share feedback and volunteer to help. (  

“I think it’s important to open a campaign committee now, rather than wait for a final decision about running, because it provides transparency to voters and they deserve that,” Burningham stated. “There are real expenses involved in exploring a statewide run for public office and the law requires that all expenses related to a political campaign be reported within 30 days. One goal of mine is to run a clean and transparent campaign. I intend to set the example from the outset.” 

In a statement on Burningham’s website, he tells Utahns, “I’m not interested in becoming a politician. This isn’t political to me; it’s practical. It’s about practical issues facing our great state because of population and economic growth. My background in hyper-growth & innovation have prepared me for the job at hand. The season of management in Utah is fading away while the season for leadership is dawning. I hope you will tell your family and friends & join me in this important cause.” 

Burningham’s track record as an effective leader is well-established. He founded and built a $2 billion real estate investment company in Provo, along with his partners. They also established Utah County’s first institutional venture capital firm and have invested in nearly 50 start-ups along the Wasatch front. These start-ups have created nearly 5,000 jobs and pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Utah’s economy. 

Burningham has started on a listening tour to meet with Utahns throughout the state and is looking forward to providing further details as they become available.