Hey Candidates, You Really Should be Using Online Video

A new poll suggests television ads may not be as effective in reaching voters as it once was.

Politico notes a survey conducted for Google says more and more voters are moving away from live TV in favor of online shows and movies. That means the traditional 30-second TV spot just won’t have the same impact it used to.

Other than watching live sports, almost a third of voters — 29 percent — said they had not watched any live TV in the past week. That figure is even higher among younger voters: Among 18- to 24-year-olds, 43 percent didn’t watch any live TV over the past seven days, and 40 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds said the same.

It’s also higher among key demographic and ideological groups: Thirty-eight percent of self-identified independents said they hadn’t watched live TV in the last week, as did 32 percent of moderates and 36 percent of Hispanic voters.

Asked how they watched video content in the past week, 70 percent said they watched live TV; 46 percent watched on the Internet from a computer; 45 percent watched a DVD; and 44 percent watched recorded programs on a DVR.