Stewart on allegations Roger Stone lied to Congress: ‘That infuriates me’

20190125 Stewart CNN


Rep. Chris Stewart, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was infuriated that longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone was accused of lying to that committee, but warned Americans not to draw too many conclusions from the indictment.

Stone was indicted on seven counts Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller, including witness tampering and making false statements. The arrest is the most direct link so far between the Trump campaign and the effort by Russians to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Stone is the sixth person around President Donald Trump to be indicted in the investigation.

Stewart continued his strident defense of the Trump administration in the investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia. On CNN Friday, Stewart said it’s too soon to draw any conclusions in the matter, saying it’s “incredibly premature.”

“You know who disagrees with that? Mr. Mueller because he didn’t include those in the indictment,” said Stewart. “I think if we learned something in the last week is we ought to look for the facts.”

Stewart also laid into the allegation that Stone lied to Congress when he testified last year.

“One of the indictments is he (Stone) lied to my committee. If he did that, that infuriates me. We can’t do our work if witnesses are dishonest with us.”

Watch the clip below via CNN: