Poll: Opposition to ObamaCare Could Hurt GOP in 2014

A new survey suggests voters would support Democrats who favor ObamaCare over Republicans who oppose it by a wide margin.

The Hill reports the survey from the Services Employees International Union shows undecided voters lean toward a Democratic candidate who opposes repealing healthcare reform over a Republican who favors repeal by a 10-point margin.

That gap gets even bigger when all voters are factored in, widening to a 15-point margin.

The pollster blamed the preference for Democrats on Republicans’ “extremism” and “obsession” with repealing the healthcare law. The House GOP has held 40 votes to repeal, defund or dismantle the reform since its passage. 

“Debate over ObamaCare will play to the Democrats’ advantage in 2014,” said Geoff Garin, president of Hart Research Associates. 

“There is a very strong message here that making the case against repeal and for fixing and improving ObamaCare is a very strong political position.”