Stewart tangles with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over Russia investigation

20190204 Stewart CNN


Rep. Chris Stewart continued his full-throated defense of President Donald Trump on Monday night, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo there’s no evidence that anyone associated with his campaign tried to collude with Russia.

Cuomo asked Stewart about former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and longtime Trump associate Roger Stone, both of whom have been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller. 

Cuomo: “Manafort and Stone, just to use the two most recent examples, were trying to coordinate. They were trying to collude with people who they thought may be involved with Russian intelligence. Is that fair?”

Stewart: I don’t know how you can come to that conclusion. There’s no indication of that at all in these indictments.”

Later in the interview, Stewart pushed back on Cuomo’s assertion that the House Intelligence Committee did not thoroughly investigate connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Stewart: “I reject your assumption that we weren’t curious about that. Of cours we were. We called hundreds of witnesses. There was no indication that there was collusion or that there was other nefarious activity taking place. There was nothing from Mr. Mueller that indidcates anything of collusion or working with Russians.”

Cuomo: “I don’t understand that interpretation.”

Watch the full clip below via CNN: