National Headlines 3-3-14

For lawmakers, an O-Care escape option (The Hill)

Obama warns Russia of political, economic ‘isolation’ (The Hill)

Supreme Court won’t hear appeals of rulings against anti-migrant laws (Fox News)

Surprises, runoffs likely ahead in Texas primary (Associated Press)

Paul Ryan Critiques War on Poverty In New Report (TIME)

Tax overhaul could hit smaller donors, charities fear (USA Today)

Former IRS official Lerner may testify in private (USA Today)

Michelle Obama to visit China. Do first ladies often travel solo abroad? (Christian Science Monitor)

Kansas City makes pitch for Republican convention (Associated Press)

EPA rolls out new rule to limit sulfur emissions from gasoline (Washington Post)

U.S. Fine-Tunes Messaging for Home Stretch of Obamacare Sign-Ups (Bloomberg)