Press release: UAMMI, Davis County & Grow Utah announce high-tech business accelerator

RAMP, a startup accelerator exclusively focused on Utah’s advanced materials and 3D print innovations, has been launched in Davis County. Dedicated to innovators utilizing carbon fiber, advanced materials or 3D printing as key components in their product innovations, RAMP will help selected innovators, startups, businesses and product teams achieve success.

RAMP is sponsored by Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI), Utah’s premier industry association for advanced materials and manufacturing; Grow Utah, a non-profit actively accelerating Utah’s start-ups and innovators; and the Davis Fund for Economic Development, a cooperative of Davis County government and municipalities funding businesses and innovators across the region.

Innovators and startup businesses across a wide range of market sectors and at different growth stages will be assisted through RAMP. “With the rapidly expanding use of both advanced materials and 3D print processes, we have designed RAMP to support innovators in a number of industries,” said T. Craig Bott, president of Grow Utah. “If you are innovating for the outdoor sports and recreation sector, the automotive sector, commercial aviation or medical devise sectors, or even those utilizing 3D printing in applications such as building construction, you fit RAMP and we have a place for you.”

Over a 10-week intensive period of mentoring and training, RAMP participants will be immersed in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, advanced materials experts and 3D print specialists who are each available to help achieve success.

Innovators are assisted through training and individualized mentoring from industry experts. Privileged use of state-of-the art labs and technical equipment is a part of RAMP to help participants with product prototyping and materials testing.

RAMP is hosted in northern Utah — internationally recognized as the hub for carbon fiber and advanced materials manufacturing. Providing easy access to the state’s industry cluster, each RAMP participant joins a community rich in innovators, technologists, product designers and business leaders.

“The advanced materials sector historically has been a vital contributor to Utah’s overall economy and specifically that of northern Utah,” said Jeff Edwards, executive director for UAMMI. “The materials and processes that were pioneered in Utah over the decades, are now driving a tremendous burst of innovation and business growth as new uses and new applications are found extending well beyond aerospace to new markets and new uses. With RAMP we can build on our expertise and expand the use of advanced materials to new businesses and innovations, all of which fits our mission at UAMMI,” he said.

A special feature of RAMP is a tuition scholarship that will be given to each business team. The Davis Fund for Economic Development will provide each team with a financial scholarship covering their tuition cost for the program. “We believe in the future of these businesses and innovators,” said Shawn Beus, director of Davis County’s Economic Development Office. “and we want to show this by offering our resources to help them get this valuable training and assistance.” He added, “At the conclusion of RAMP each innovator will be evaluated for possible follow-on funding from our fund as well as from other outside investors.”

All interested parties can learn more about the program and apply for RAMP at the Grow Utah website of Innovators can submit their applications for consideration through March 13, 2019. The program will begin in late March and extend through May 2019.

About UAMMI. The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative brings together public, private, community, industry and education partners to assure growth and sustainability of Utah’s advanced material and manufacturing industry.

The mission of UAMMI is to ensure that Utah is the global leader in value-added advanced materials, manufacturing, technology development, and design by integrating industry, academic and government contributors in ways that enhance collaboration, promote business opportunities, share knowledge resulting from relevant research and engage a skilled and trained workforce.

About Davis Fund for Economic Development. The Davis Fund for Economic Development is a small business loan program designed to create jobs and help grow the Davis County economy by providing financing options to viable but non-traditional businesses.

The Davis Fund is managed by the County on behalf of the Davis County Council of Governments, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 1984, which is governed by a board of directors made up of the mayors and county commissioners of Davis County.

About Grow Utah. Grow Utah, is a privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to accelerate the creation of innovative, entrepreneur-led, high-growth businesses that will strengthen and expand the future growth of Utah’s economy.

The vision of Grow Utah is to create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Utah that fosters entrepreneurial talent, drives innovation to solve market needs, aligns community resources and support, and ensures funding for products, entrepreneurs and businesses of promise. Learn more at