Why is Mitt Romney Ahead in the 2016 GOP Race?

Even though he has said he won’t run for a third time in 2016, Mitt Romney is leading the most recent poll of the GOP presidential field.

Romney pulled in 22%, followed by Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan.

Patch.com breaks down those surprising numbers.

“This race is wide open and for now, it looks like the only thing that really shakes up the race is the presence of Mitt Romney as an option for voters,” said Ben Tafoya, director of the New England College Poll. “Chris Christie’s political troubles in his home state have not affected his polling numbers. But we have seen early visits from some of these names, such as Bobby Jindal, and that also has had no effect on the polls. It’s early and voters are still gravitating to the most familiar names in the race.”

The same poll puts Democrat Hillary Clinton far out in front of her potential 2016 rivals by more than 40-points.