Momentum Builds for Legislature to Take Action to Improve Air Quality

Momentum continues to build in support of H.B. 388, “A Quarter for Clean Air Legislation.” The bi-partisan House bill would let voters choose more mass transit to help address the state’s air quality challenges.


The Utah Transportation Coalition, in collaboration with H.B. 388 co-sponsors Rep. Johnny Anderson and Rep. Joel Briscoe, discussed the legislation and its benefits for Utah’s air quality at “Lunch on the Bus,” an event for legislators held Wednesday at the State Capitol. Additionally, alternative fuel and innovative high-tech buses were featured, showcasing the future of transit in Utah.

“We need to move the dial on improving our air quality and H.B. 388 take a significant step forward,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber. “Utah’s best quality is our ability to collaborate. This vote shows the Legislature we’re united under these solutions.”

In recent days, the Salt Lake Valley Mayors and Utah League of Cities and Towns have joined community groups, including the business community, expressing their support for the legislation. In addition to the action taken by local mayors, more than 70 business leaders, local government officials, non-profit organizations and individual citizens have now signed a letter supporting H.B. 388, “A Quarter for Clean Air.” The number of supporters continues to grow. 

“Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan is more than a prioritized list of needs for our community’s future. It is our road map to improving air quality, quality of life and enhancing economic growth for all Utahns,” said Draper City Mayor Troy Walker. “The proposals are a step in the right direction and we urge the legislature to support them.”

H.B. 388 would allow counties to ask voters to increase sales taxes to fund more frequent and convenient transit and active transportation, directly addressing the largest contributor to Northern Utah’s air quality issues—automobile transportation.