McAdams defends capitalism, pushes back against ‘radical’ ideas coming from fellow Democrats

20190310 McAdams Fox

Rep. Ben McAdams defended capitalism on Sunday morning, saying he’s not on board with the talk about socialism coming from some of his Democratic colleagues in the House.

“We are the greatest country in the world. We have a capitalist system that has created opportunity, cured diseases and created a middle class,” said McAdams. “Certainly there have been failures of capitalism, but we shouldn’t be throwing out a system that has made us the greatest company in the world.”

When asked about some of the proposals coming from his Democratic colleagues, including the “Green New Deal,” higher taxes on the wealthy or Medicaid for all, McAdams said there are some good ideas in those proposals, but he did not favor some of the more “radical” elements of those plans.

“I think there are some clearly radical ideas. But, I think we want to transition to a clean energy economy. We want to expand healthcare coverage and control the cost. Let’s have a debate about what’s the best way to do that. But to stake out a radical agenda and not allow other voices to come to the table is losing the strength of the diversity that we have,” he said.

Watch the clip via Fox News: