Measure Aims to Make Utah Most ‘Broadband Friendly’ State in the U.S. (Video)

Sen. Howard Stephenson (R-Salt Lake City) wants Utah to make it easier for the private sector to expand the infrastructure for high-speed internet in the state.

Stephenson is sponsoring SJR 18, which calls on the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Utah League of Cities and Towns to reduce the barriers for private businesses who want to increase the broadband and fiber-optic capacity in Utah.

“We want to makes sure Utah is the most broadband friendly state in the nation,” says Stephenson. “By doing that, we will have a welcome sign for all providers to fill the needs of businesses and residences in the state.”

Stephenson is adamant that this need be filled by private business and not government. He notes that Salt Lake City is a finalist for the next phase of Google Fiber expansion, and Utah needs to make sure Google and other providers have what they need to make that expansion a reality.

“I think Utah will become the most connected state in the nation, but we need to encourage the private sector to do this, especially when we have all sorts of capital out in the private sector who are willing to do this if we just streamline the process.”