United Way of Salt Lake receives national recognition for improving student outcomes in the Salt Lake City region

United Way of Salt Lake’s Promise Partnership has been designated as a proof point community by national nonprofit StriveTogether. The proof point designation is an important measure of progress — only 11 of the nearly 70 StriveTogether partners in the national network have received the designation.

For nearly a decade, UWSL has been working to ensure that every child along the Wasatch Front can succeed every step of the way, from cradle to career. Specific goals include improving access to early childhood education, grade-level reading and math proficiency, high school graduation and college access and completion. In addition, UWSL works to ensure that students’ and families’ basic needs, health, and financial stability needs are met. United Way of Salt Lake’s work is place-based in schools and in communities to ensure that families are connected to the right support and teachers, and communities are also supported.

The Salt Lake Promise Partnership aligns stakeholders around the cradle-to-career vision, collaboratively implementing strategies that lead to student success.

“We know that improving outcomes for students, especially those living in poverty, requires all of us to work together differently,” said Bill Crim, President and CEO of United Way of Salt Lake. “The Promise Partnership was created to build the broadest and strongest team possible and to transform the educational environment for Utah kids. Reaching proof point is the result of tremendous support from StriveTogether and the courageous work of all of our committed partners and stakeholders. We know that because of our work together, systems are changing and outcomes are improving, and we know it is possible to create a more equitable world in which every child has the opportunity to succeed.”

The United Way Promise Partnership currently spans six school districts, nine communities and five state systems. Hundreds of businesses, educational and community partners and thousands of volunteers are engaged in the transformational work. 

The Promise Partnership’s achievement of proof point recognizes improved, systems-level results. Partnerships that have become proof points are operating in the Systems Change gateway, and are seeing 60% of indicators in up to seven cradle-to-career outcome areas maintained or improved.

“Becoming a proof point signals a community is making measurable progress ensuring every child has every opportunity to succeed in school and in life regardless of race, zip code or circumstance,” said Jennifer Blatz, StriveTogether CEO and President. “Importantly, the Promise Partnership is pushing forward to transform many systems such as education and housing that affect children. I am inspired by their commitment and tenacity.”