National Headlines 3-9-14

Cheney: Ramp up missile defense (The Hill)

Cruz on O-Care repeal: ‘We’ll do it in 2017′ (The Hill)

Paul says he would grow GOP in 2016 (The Hill)

Groups raise pressure on Obama to scale back deportations (The Hill)

Shoe-bomb witness to speak from London at NY trial (Associated Press)

Millennials don’t trust you, and four other takeaways from Pew’s new report (Washington Post)

Paul outlines potential 2016 platform, fresh off CPAC straw poll victory (Fox News)

WikiLeaks founder hints at ‘upcoming’ info leak during South by Southwest address (New York Daily News)

President Obama to expand coastal protection in California (Los Angeles Times)

Florida’s Charlie Crist heaps praise on Obama: ‘God bless him’ (Washington Times)