Apologies owed on Trump collusion assertions


LaVarr WebbBombshell! Bombshell! Bombshell!

That word has been used thousands of time in the last two years to describe leaks or revelations in the lengthy Mueller probe into purported collusion with Russia by Pres. Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, any fair-minded person would have to agree that a whole lot of Democrats, liberal media commentators and leftist advocacy groups owe Trump a great big apology.

Those people and groups made myriad wild accusations against Trump, day after day, week after week, month after month, that now have been proven absolutely false. They were wrong. It was collusion delusion. Now they ought to admit it and apologize. 

I have never been a fan of Trump. I don’t hate him, but I dislike a lot of things about him. But what he has been through since even before he was elected, has been absolutely unjust. He’s had a cloud hanging over his presidency. Leading commentators have called him a traitor, a spy, a Russian asset. Democrats and leftist media operatives have suggested Vladimir Putin had something on Trump to embarrass him. Blackmail was possible, they said. Bombshell! Bombshell!

All hogwash. They should be embarrassed by their breathless declarations of presidential wrongdoing. Sunday was a very bad day for CNN.

The Mueller report is a crushing blow for Democrats and liberals who were counting on it to destroy Trump.

Now they are in danger of compounding their mistakes by nitpicking the report, falling back on obstruction of justice – which is ridiculous. Continuing to harass Trump over minor matters will alienate moderates and swing voters who are sick and tired of the soap opera.

Go ahead and hate Trump on policy and personality grounds. But apologize for being so wrong on Russia collusion.

Democrats are now grasping for straws. Robert Mueller used to be their hero. Now he will become a sloppy investigator who let Trump off too easily. They will ignore the exhaustive, comprehensive nature of the inquiry, featuring 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, tens of millions of dollars in cost, using 40 FBI agents, 19 attorneys and 500 search warrants.

Overreaching Democrats are going to give Trump’s campaign a nice villain to campaign against. It’s going to look like sour grapes harassment if they don’t move on. 

Certainly, as much of the Mueller report as possible should be made public, consistent with the law. But the FISA court documents, and information related to the Justice Department rationale for appointing a special prosecutor should also be made public.