Situational awareness – March 25, 2019

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City.

Here’s what is driving the day:

  • Mueller report shows no evidence of collusion with Russia but does not exonerate President Trump on obstruction of justice charges.
  • Utah’s GOP members of Congress hail the Mueller report’s findings.

Political bracket face-off rolls on

The second round matchups in our 2019 political bracket are live. You can vote on our website, Twitter or Facebook. Check out the brackets here.

Political trivia winners:

Several readers knew “Big” Bill Haywood was the answer to our Friday question: Which native Utahn is buried in the wall of the Kremlin and was tried (but acquitted) for blowing up the Governor of Idaho?

The first three who responded with the correct answer were:

  • Natalie Gordon (who admitted she used Google to get the answer)
  • Doug DeVore
  • Ronald Fox

Mike Mower did submit the correct answer, so the $25 Amazon gift card remains unclaimed. If you have a political trivia question you think can stump him, send it to me at [email protected].

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