McAdams on Medicare for all: ‘Not an approach to healthcare that works for my constituents’

20190331 McAdams Fox

Rep. Ben McAdams said Sunday Morning on Fox News that he does not agree with the current push by many in the Democratic Party to implement a “Medicare for all” health system, but he does say there are problems with the health system that need to be fixed.

“I don’t think it’s an approach to healthcare reform that works for my constituents. It’s not what I support,” he said. “We have the Medicare system that works for our seniors. I don’t think it works for everybody.”

McAdams said he would like to see a bipartisan solution to combat rising costs and expanding healthcare coverage to populations that don’t have access to healthcare.

McAdams also poured cold water on the Green New Deal, saying any solution to climate change will likely not come solely from the government.

“We have to come together and find a solution that will help fix the impact we are seeing in the climate. I don’t have confidence in any massive government program to do that. In my experience, I think there is a role for government, but government is slow and cumbersome and not always on the cutting edge of ideas. I’d like to see an approach for government helping bring forward solutions, but we also work with the private sector that is cutting-edge and innovative.”

Watch the full clip below via Fox News: