Local Headlines 3-10-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Google Fiber would help Salt Lake stay in the game

Op-ed: Herbert’s Medicaid alternative works for Utah

Rolly: Mike Lee camp nearly stopped Count My Vote deal

Editorial: Expensive tech is not what Utah schools need

Editorial: Constitutional reviews still needed in Utah Legislature

Editorial: Meter mess not SLC’s best moment

Utah unemployment rate hits a five-year low

Utah Senate OKs emergency drug to counter overdoses

Senate pushes a tweak to Utah abortion laws, sends it to House

Senate advances bill on ‘Big Brother’ automatic license-plate readers

Exposing kids to porn may be considered in custody battles

Bill that would enable tougher air rules in Utah clings to life

New panel to supervise prison move

Municipal boundary bill revamped, flies through Utah Senate

E-smoke bill dies in panel

House OKs optional air-cleanup tax

Ethics bills advance without caps on Utah campaign donations

Bill to make ed-board election partisan fails

Utah Medicaid decision appears unlikely

D.C. Notebook: Why Obama’s budget is dead on arrival

Paul Rolly: Parking cops find ‘Capitol’ offenses in faded license stickers

Budget talks: No money for Lockhart’s Utah ed-tech plan

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Count My Vote: Exploring the impact of compromise legislation

Op-ed: Utah’s financial model should not include Medicaid expansion

John Florez: Education — Big government 101

Editorial: Prison relocation iffy

Editorial: With caucus compromise, Utah will enter new political terrain

Senate passes bill to consider parents exposing kids to pornography in custody cases

Senate passes bill removing informed consent rule for abortion if mother’s life is threatened

Prison relocation legislation passes Senate committee

Senate committee advances bill facilitating convention hotel

Newly recovered emails delay House report on ex-Attorney General Swallow

Lawmakers shutter partisan school board proposal

Committee recommends bill excluding archery equipment from dangerous weapon list

House passes bill creating school standards review committee

Resolution proposes state superintendent selection be subject to governor, Senate

House approves bill excluding exemplary students from criminal truancy

‘Kumbayah’ bill temporarily halts governance changes in unincorporated S.L. County

Senate panel endorses campaign finance reform bills

School board election reform stalls as three bills fall to opposition

House, Senate still struggling over budget

Senate committee snuffs out e-cigarettes bill, leaving sponsor ‘perplexed’

Q&A: Carlton Christensen, newly appointed director of development for Salt Lake County

Local religious leaders urge support for activists fighting for immigration reform

Bill creates contingency plan for keeping national parks open

Utah unemployment rate hits five-year low

Cities, state battle panhandling through the lens of public safety


Lawmakers nearing budget deadline (Daily Herald)

Utah has highest rate of mental illness in US (Daily Herald)

Editorial: A tech overload for students (Standard-Examiner)

Utah air quality bills get inversion treatment (Standard-Examiner)