Bill to Crack Down on Texting While Driving Moves Forward

Utah Senators sent a measure to the house tightening up penalties for using a cell phone while driving.


SB 253 makes it illegal to use a cell phone behind the wheel, unless you are making a phone call or using the GPS to navagate.

Sen. Steve Urquhart (R-St. George) says the proposal is simply a common sense approach to using technology behind the wheel.

“Our texting while driving law was ambiguous,” said Urquhart. “This simply says you can’t text or play solitaire. You can hold your phone up to your ear, and it allows you to use GPS.”

Sen. Karen Mayne (D-West Valley City) agreed, saying that the number of distractions behind the wheel are growing.

“We need to have consequences for playing with things that entertain us while we are operating vehicles that can maim and kill.”

Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-Orem) voted against the measure because it legislates common sense.

“Every time we deliniate what you can and cannot do while driving, then the thought is everything that isn’t listed is allowed,” said Dayton. “I would hope nobody is actually doing this.”

The measure passed 17-8 and moves to the House.