Stewart: Democratic threats to subpoena Mueller report is ‘political silliness’

20190409 Stewart CNN

Rep. Chris Stewart said Tuesday threats by Democrats in Congress to subpoena the final report from special counsel Robert Mueller is a political stunt.

“It’s political silliness,” said Stewart on CNN. “I mean, my gosh, they said they were going to subpoena this if he didn’t provide the report by April 2nd. It takes him (Attorney General William Barr) to go through this. Their objective was to issue the subpoena, it wasn’t to work with the attorney general.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report weeks ago, but Attorney General Barr only issued a four-page summary of the findings. He said Tuesday he would deliver the report to Congress “within a week,” but he had no plans to deliver an unredacted report, which will set up a legal showdown with Congress.

“I just think they’ve lost their entire perspective on this process,” said Stewart. “They want to continue the fight, and I truly believe the American people are so exhausted by it, I think they’re so wearied by it that they’ve moved on even if some of the Democratic leadership hasn’t.”

Watch the clip below via CNN: