National Headlines 3-11-14

Harry Reid plots to block potential 2016 foe (The Hill)

McConnell dares Democrats on carbon tax (The Hill)

Ukraine crisis fuels gas debate (The Hill)

White House: Obama’s ‘Two Ferns’ appearance was the ‘right call’ (The Hill)

U.S. Senate intelligence chief accuses CIA of spying on Senate (Reuters)

General’s sex charge trial halted as plea negotiations ensue (Los Angeles Times)

N.J. lawyer: More Christie scandal documents exist (USA Today)

Senate Democrats keep the lights on in climate change talkathon (Associated Press)

Snowden: Surveillance is ‘setting fire’ to the internet (BBC News)

Obama adds some Calif. coast to national monument (USA Today)

ObamaCare, political party tactics face test in Florida House race (FOX News)