Watch: Lee tangles with ‘The View’ hosts over Mueller report, climate change

20190422 Lee View

Sen. Mike Lee is making the rounds to promote his new book, Our Lost Declaration. On Monday he ventured on the morning chatfest The View where he sparred with the hosts over the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and his Senate floor speech mocking the “Green New Deal.”

When asked about the conclusions in the special counsel’s report, Lee said he was relieved there was no evidence of a conspiracy.

“There are lots of things in there that people found uncomfortable,” said Lee. “I was relieved to see there was nothing establishing collusion.”

Co-host Sonny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor, shot back at him “Collusion is not a federal crime. You’re a former prosecutor. You know that.”

Lee was asked about the apparent attempts by President Trump to obstruct justice by ordering his aides and lawyers to interfere with the investigation.

“The fact he (Trump) thought about doing certain things and was later walked off the ledge from that by capable staff members who pointed out it wasn’t a good idea is comforting,” he said.

Hostin pushed back against Lee’s interpretation of the report.

“He asked people to do things and they didn’t do it,” said Hostin. “It’s not that they walked him off the ledge. They didn’t do it. That’s attempt. That’s a crime.”

Later, Hostin asked Lee about his speech on the Senate floor mocking the Green New Deal which included a picture of Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur.

“That was a 13-minute presentation. That was pretty wasteful of government time. You can’t deny the science that climate change is real. Rather than mocking, what is your plan?” she asked.

Lee said he believes any solution will come from the private sector rather than the government.

“I’ve yet to hear of any proposal or law introduced that would make a meaningful dent in greenhouse emissions,” said Lee.

Watch the clip below via ABC: