Watch: Chaffetz clashes with liberal commentator over border security on Fox News

20190429 Chaffetz Fox

Former Utah Congressman, and possible 2020 gubernatorial candidate, Jason Chaffetz repeatedly interrupted progressive commentator Jessica Tarlov on Fox News Monday.

Chaffetz and Tarlov were arguing about border security and President Donald Trump’s threat to ship undocumented immigrants to so-called “sanctuary cities” when the discussion went off the rails.

Chaffetz railed against Democrats saying when they “endorse sanctuary cities, they don’t fund the wall, they are sending a signal to people in Central and South America to come up here because if you break into the country, we are not going to deport you.”

Tarlov said Chaffetz “misunderstands what sanctuary cities are” when he interrupted her.

Chaffetz: “It is enticing people to come here and break laws. In engaging in human trafficking.”

Tarlov: “Can I finish? Many people are who are here and paying taxes by the way.”

Chaffetz: “If they pay taxes — that will make a difference because they are here paying taxes?”

Tarlov then tried to make her point again.

“Let me just register my opposition to what you are saying and then maybe during the break I will tell you what I’m going to say. And the fact that there are a number of Republicans that do think they are a good idea, including New York City, which is a sanctuary city and Rudy Giuliani was a part of that,” she said.

Watch the clip below via Fox News: