Such a stupid red herring — Bernick and Schott on politics

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We preview the Utah GOP State convention, which is coming up on Saturday in Orem.

Will Mitt Romney get booed by the delegates? Expect a lot of talk about the creeping threat of socialism at the event.

Gov. Gary Herbert comes to the financial aid of the Utah GOP, donating $18,000 so they will have electronic voting at Saturday’s convention.

The effort by so-called “reasonable” Republicans to diminish the influence of a group of GOP hardliners has been fairly successful.

The Republican-controlled legislature will not try to override one of Gov. Herbert’s vetoes.

Jonathan Johnson argues taking away the constitutional requirement to spend income tax money on schools will lead to more school funding.

Utah Democrats are still fighting about allegations of sexual misconduct by a former party officer two years after he left the party.

Plus Donald Trump and Joe Biden should probably just fist fight and get it over with.

Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott give you their perspective on the latest Utah political news.

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