Watch: Lee rips Democrats over Mueller report, saying they should blame the media and ‘deep state’ instead

20190501 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee responded to media reports that special counsel Robert Mueller complained about Attorney General William Barr’s summary of his report on Russian election interference saying the media and the “deep state” is to blame.

Mueller sent a letter to Barr complaining his 4-page summary of the special counsel’s report failed to “fully capture the context, nature and substance” of Mueller’s probe. Mueller also spoke to Barr via phone to complain about Barr’s summary.

Lee, speaking on Fox News, said Barr will probably take heat from Congressional Democrats over the letter.

“No doubt because the Democrats are signaling to us that’s what they intend to do. The fact is there’s nothing inaccurate or misleading about it. What do they have left to complain about?” said Lee. “Perhaps they didn’t like the way it was characterized by the media. They own the media for the most part and they should take that up with the media, not the Attorney General.”

Barr is scheduled to testify before Congress on Wednesday and Thursday. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says he wants to see the full letter from Mueller to Barr. Lee says Nadler should focus on the “deep state” trying to take down Trump instead.

“I would love to find out what pressing questions he’s got about why it took Mr. Mueller two years to conclude there was no collusion. We have a significant deep state problem in the U.S. Department of Justice that appears to have been trying to delegitimize the outcome of the presidential election,” he said.

Senate Democrats are pushing for an investigation into Attorney General Barr’s conduct surrounding the release of the Mueller report, and at least one Democrat is calling for Barr’s resignation after he appears to have lied under oath about whether Mueller spoke to him about Barr’s summary. Lee countered that Democrats are just playing politics.

“If that’s what they are going to argue, I would love to hear their response about Strzok, Page and the meeting on the tarmac in 2016. I would love to hear answers to a lot of other questions we’ve not had answered. This has been a very thorough investigation. It took them two years to conclude there was no collusion. Now they’re losing their minds because they’ve been relying on the Mueller report as this holy grail. They didn’t get that and now they’re frustrated. They want to take it out on Barr and we can’t let them do that.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News: