Watch: Stewart says Democrats are ‘beating a dead horse’ with Cohen investigation

20190514 Stewart CNN

Rep. Chris Stewart said Tuesday Democrats are “beating a dead horse” in their newly announced investigation into whether President Donald Trump and his associates helped the president’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen give false testimony to Congress.

Stewart said on CNN that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are stepping outside of their bounds in launching the investigation, which he feels is outside of their purview.

“If you want to beat this dead horse any longer, you’ve got to dig it out of the grave to beat it,” he said. “We’re there to look at national security, to look at intelligence issues, to look at thing about keeping America safe. This has nothing to do with that.”

Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is investigating whether attorneys representing President Trump misled the committee or obstructed justice in helping Michael Cohen prepare false testimony to Congress in 2017.

Stewart says opening a new investigation is nothing more than the Democratic members of the committee playing political games.

“Some of my Democratic colleagues want to keep this president under suspicion, investigations open as long as they can. Obviously, through the next election at least. I think they’ll follow almost any path in order to do that.”

Watch the clip below via CNN: