McAdams: It’s time for Congress to put feud with Trump aside to start solving problems

20190527 McAdams Fox

Rep. Ben McAdams says Americans are tired of the partisan fighting in Washington and simply want Congress and President Donald Trump to get to work solving the nation’s problems.

“People are talking about healthcare, rising cost of prescription drugs. They need people to work together to get it done,” said McAdams appearing on Fox News.

McAdams said the current fighting between Trump and the Democratic-controlled House is counterproductive and nothing more than a distraction.

“You may or may not like the people you work with. We’ve still got to get things done,” said McAdams.

McAdams said there is some frustration among his Democratic colleagues about the Trump administration’s stonewalling of House investigations, but that shouldn’t keep Congress from their primary job of legislating.

“A lot of Americans have concerns about the lack of transparency with this administration. There are questions about how government funds are being spent and whether things are being done properly. both sides need to just put that on the shelf. We need to compartmentalize some of those divisive moments and work together.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News.